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After COVID-19, nothing in this world is the same. There are also several changes in the design of the kitchen. New materials have been invented, new products have been designed and customers are increasingly family- and food-focused.

kitchen design trends after covid-19

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1) Big pantry

Most of all, kitchen designers around the world have noticed a greater interest in customers in storage cabinets. In England and America do separate pantries. In a more minimalist Europe, floor-to-ceiling wall cabinets are used, which are made very convenient to use with internal drawers. The reason, of course, is people’s desire to stock up on more food.

Kitchen Trends after COVID-19 by Hiie Harm

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2) More and bigger refrigerators

No more going to the store every other day, but buying (or ordering) a larger supply of food for your home. Also frozen products. One of the future kitchen trends is definitely a full-height built-in freezer, in addition to the usual refrigerator. It can already be seen that, if possible, customers prefer large refrigerators with two doors rather than regular ones.
In America, people add a lot of extra smaller refrigerators to their kitchens, such as a worktop wine refrigerator, an extra freezer chest, or they buy a new refrigerator in the kitchen and take the old one to the garage and use it there.

Kitchen trends after covid-19 by Hiie Harm

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3) Home cooking

When designing and planning a new kitchen, you should know that more food is made at home. That is why more workspace is needed for mixing, chopping and serving. You may have to buy a new kitchen machine – juicer, ice cream machine, slow-cooker, etc., which will be used on a daily basis. This also requires space on the work surface. You may also need to use a computer in the kitchen. The kitchen island has been trendy for some time, but now we should think even more about creating an island in the kitchen.

Kitchen trends after COVID-19 by Hiie Harm

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4) Easy to clean kitchen cabinets, work surface and appliances

When planning new kitchens, it is taken into account that the cabinets and work surface, as well as everything else, can be cleaned quickly and easily. Smooth cabinet doors and antibacterial materials for handles and faucets are becoming increasingly popular. Studies have shown that copper, for example, kills bacteria and cleans itself.
If possible, a strong, stain-resistant, non-porous and heat-resistant material is preferred as a work surface. One such example is ceramics.

5) Self-sufficiency and gardening

Being at home in isolation, many began to wonder what they could do for their own table. Growing herbs in the kitchen is a long-standing trend, but there are also those who have just reached it. Herbs, vegetables and, for example, strawberries are grown in the garden (or on the balcony) also give a little help to the family’s wallet.
If it used to be trendy to have a small garden in home, now it has become a boom in America. Gardening is also considered a very soothing activity.

Kitchen trends after COVID-19 by Hiie Harm

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6) DIY kitchen renovations and e-designers

When the first fright was over, but people still had to be at home, so many people started looking at their surroundings and found that something could still be quietly adjusted.

DIY the kitchens went trendy. It doesn’t have to be a big change – you can just paint the wall or the cabinet doors, you can always change the cabinet knobs and the kitchen is different. It is also possible to play with small kitchen equipment on the work surface and add new color with curtains and kitchen towels.

However, if you still want to completely renovate your kitchen (according to the directions described above), then the whole world has gone over to the services of e-designers. Also, I myself have been offering already virtual kitchen design for years.

Kitchen trends after Covid-19 by kitchen designer Hiie Harm

Drawing from Kitchen Designer Hiie Harm

A few more examples:

  • Home appliances with voice commands and a touchless faucet are on the rise
  • Investments are made in high-quality household appliances that are energy and efficient
  • Household appliances, kitchen furniture and sanitary ware will be bought more from online stores
  • After the joke of toilet paper, it is believed that more and more bidets are being bought for homes. Then no paper is needed

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