How to design farmhouse style kitchen
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The 10 main elements of designing a farmhouse-style kitchen you should know

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The 10 main elements of designing a farmhouse-style kitchen you should know

This post provides tips and tricks on how to create a beautifully designed and cozy farmhouse-style kitchen.

Farmhouse-style kitchens are inspiring for their warm and inviting atmosphere, but designing them can be challenging. Here are the 10 main elements to consider if you want to create a beautiful and cozy farmhouse-style kitchen.

Use natural materials

Natural materials like wood and natural stone create a rustic feeling. When creating a farmhouse-style kitchen, natural materials are key. Choose wooden tables, chairs, and cabinets, and a solid wood or stone countertop.

Natural colors

A farmhouse-style kitchen should have a calming and nature-inspired color palette. Colors like brown, beige, and green create a peaceful and warm atmosphere. Warm whites or grays can also be used to create an inviting and cozy ambiance. Combining different colors can offer interesting contrasts, such as a combination of green and brown.

Create contrast

Every room is livelier and more exciting when there are certain contrasts. The same goes for a farmhouse-style kitchen. Combine dark and light tones and different natural materials with each other to create a visually interesting and unique kitchen. Contrasting colors can be used on the floor, walls, and furniture. Contrasting textures, such as smooth and rough, can also be considered.

Patterns and textures

Different patterns and textures create the right farmhouse character for a kitchen. Use flowers, leaves, stripes, and other natural motifs to bring in farmhouse-style elements. For example, patterned ceramic tiles can be used for the kitchen background, or a vintage lace tablecloth can decorate the dining table. Natural textures, such as woven baskets, can also be added.

Ceramic tiles

For a farmhouse-style kitchen, ceramic tiles with natural patterns (such as imitation of natural stone) or geometric shapes (squares, diamonds, and triangles) are a good fit. Hand-painted ceramic tiles with rustic motifs such as animals, flowers, or trees can be used for the kitchen background. Mixing different colors and patterns can create fun and contrasting results, whether on the floor or walls.

Old and vintage items

Old and vintage items are ideal for creating a farmhouse-style kitchen, as they add personality and historical value to the space. For example, old furniture items like wooden tables, cabinets, and shelves can be used. They may have a tired appearance and different signs of wear, but those details add charm and character to the kitchen. Old kitchen utensils can also be hung on the walls, and a vintage tray or baking dish passed down from a grandmother can give your kitchen a final touch.

Proper lighting

Proper lighting is important in any kitchen, but especially in a rustic farmhouse-style kitchen, where a warm and cozy atmosphere is desired. Combine different types of lighting, such as overhead and task lighting, and use warm light bulbs to create a welcoming and comfortable ambiance.

Open shelves

Open shelves give the kitchen an open and airy look. I recommend considering wooden shelves, which allow you to highlight the natural materials and decorative items used in the kitchen. In addition, plants can be placed on the shelves to bring even more naturalness to the room.

Seating area

Add a cozy seating area to your kitchen so you can enjoy delicious food and a pleasant atmosphere with family and friends. Use a wooden dining table and add some comfortable chairs to create a cozy and homely space in your kitchen.


Finally, add some beautiful additional details to your farmhouse-style kitchen. For example, if you have shelves in the kitchen, decorate them with some beautiful porcelain dishes or put a nice plant on the kitchen window. Also, use wooden serving trays or baskets, crocheted tablecloths or pillows, etc. in your kitchen.

In summary, creating a farmhouse-style kitchen requires the use of natural materials, selection of earthy color tones, contrast creation, use of patterns and textures, addition of ceramic tiles, use of old and vintage items, proper lighting, open shelves, creating a seating area, and using accessories.

These ten elements ensure that your kitchen is cozy, inviting, and beautifully designed, and helps to create a truly unique farmhouse-style kitchen.