Kitchen Trends 2023 is compiled by kitchen designer Hiie Härm
Kitchen Designer Hiie Härm

Kitchen Trends 2023

Kitchen Trends 2023

What to expect from 2023 kitchen trends? What colors, patterns, and finishes? Are kitchen cupboards still popular and a kitchen island? What is exciting to expect from the field of kitchen appliances?

Passing keywords in 2023 kitchen trends are: personality, sustainable, colors, wood, spa (spa in the kitchen?!), vintage, pantry, or prep kitchen, rounded forms, and proximity to nature. And of course – smart kitchen equipment.

Personality, Speciality

A very large number of kitchen designers in the world stress that trends are good to know, but every kitchen is unique in the details chosen for this kitchen. Next year’s most eloquent details in the kitchen include handles and crafts/art. It is the special handles that can give the kitchen a final touch or even be the wow effect of the whole kitchen.

It is well popular to have handles made for your kitchen. Either forge, cut from wood or print with a 3D printer. Also suitable are cabinet buttons and handles made by craftsmen. Artifacts and art made by craftsmen can be hung on the walls of the kitchen and placed on shelves. Nostalgic elements, family photos and memorabilia – everything can be put on kitchen shelves. Even wall decorations and/or ceiling slats with a lot of ornaments are suitable.

Slender metal lattice can be placed in the place of glass for cupboards with glass doors, or copper-toned shelves can be placed in the bar cabinet – whatever seems like a cool solution for your kitchen, don’t doubt it, but let the idea go.


It has been talked about for the last 5 years, but it is thought that now in 2023 it will finally come to many people that we are all responsible for the well-being of this world. In the kitchen, it is primarily about the choice of materials. More wood is preferred and it will be recycled more and more, for example as a work surface. There is also a rising trend in second-round kitchen furniture. It can be made distinctive in simple ways – a bit of color (preferably eco), new cabinet buttons, reused wooden worktop and you have helped save the world. With such a small thing.

Similarly, better garbage sorting solutions are created in the kitchen, and faster and more efficient composting systems are invented. So that every person can make a contribution. Even with such a small thing that it prefers glassware over plastic, it uses stainless trash cans and wooden/bamboo cartons for storage.

Colors, colors, colors!

So let’s start at the bottom of the color palette. White. Generally out, but still a classic. If you want to make a white kitchen, choose a warm white shade – creamy, ivory white, etc.
Beige, grayish beige – yes, more than white is used. In fact, there are two trends – one is rustic tones (continued), and it includes all beige and sand-tone colors, as well as green, whose fascination seems not to be over yet. Rather, the ” 100 Shades of Green” can be identified.

And the other trend in color is – bold, bright, jewel tones, but rather warm colors. From yellow, most of which has risen and continues to rise natural yellow (mellow yellow). But the exciting finding for me was the raspberry red kitchen and the light blue kitchen inspired by the Hampton style. It may be that Hampton’s style is most pronounced in America, but at the same time, many others would certainly like to have a home or kitchen with a seaside vibe. Spacious and bright.

At the same time, you can’t get over it – a pink kitchen! an upward trend and not a little. Now they are already making pink (the most preferred is old pink or so-called faded pink) kitchen furniture + similarly pink walls in addition. And you know what! Silestone has also launched a pink stone worktop. 

The classic black-and-white kitchen is actually still trendy, as is the all-black kitchen.


The wood has come to stay. People all over the world love wood for its warmth and coziness, and wood is also a sustainable material. Wooden cabinets and doors and countertops have been made for years. And best of all – when you get tired of one color, wooden furniture is easy to repaint.

People prefer all kitchen furniture to be made of wood – frames, doors and work surface. Natural wood together with painted wooden kitchen furniture forms a beautiful combination. For example, nut brown with deep green. At the moment, you can see a lot of dark brown walnut kitchen furniture and the same work surface.

You can also create very creative things with wood. For example, make kitchen cabinet doors from flags assembled at a 45 degree angle. Wonderful and unique.

Only part of the kitchen furniture can be painted. Or, for example, make the coffee corner cabinets one color and the kitchen island another color. If you want to update your kitchen, quickly paint the kitchen island with a new color and that’s it.


If we now move on to kitchen cabinets, the biggest trend for them next year will be personality, specialness, and unique finishes.

In fact, you don’t have to invent anything new directly, because this grandpa’s big wooden dresser is also trendy. Well, best of all, if you had any moth holes inside. We’re starting to see a lot of old furniture in the kitchen. A dresser, display cabinet, etc. is well suited for storing things and wow-effects in your kitchen in the same way.

With regard to the doors of the kitchen cupboards, this direction arises that it is no longer recommended for ordinary shaker-style cupboard doors with a simple straight cut (with a square frame), but for this frame to be multi-layered, with cut-out curvatures or with a forward part.

The glass cabinet doors are no longer made of plain clear glass, but slightly tarnished, smoky glass, or they are so bold as to add stained glass elements to the glass. Yes, the old days are coming back. We have already had these kitchen cabinet doors with stained glass.

In 2023, there will be one big change – if minimalism and neutral tones were preferred in previous years, now there is a new trend of people who instead want dramatic colors, bold materials, decorated details, i.e. maximalism. This change takes place in the entire interior design, but the kitchen does not remain untouched either. Some say that the Art Deco style is coming again.

Kitchen island

The kitchen island is experiencing a rebirth or many foreign designers also call it a renaissance. In other words, the kitchen island is made just the way it is needed – there is no need to have a work surface on top of the cabinets and drawers inside, etc. If the need is for more countertop, then a simple dining table is also suitable for the kitchen island, especially if it is a rustic old farm table.

At the same time, we are starting to see various interesting shapes in the kitchen island. The kitchen island doesn’t have to be just square. Or completely square, it can be curved at one end or even end with a round dining table. Already last year, kitchen islands with a round shape became very popular. This trend is continuing.


Vintage is also one of the keywords in the kitchen trends of 2023. It is suitable for rummaging among old pieces of furniture in the attic. The whole kitchen becomes even more like a living room, that is, the kitchen cabinets can also be placed on different furniture legs or, as mentioned above, a grandfather’s dresser for storing kitchen utensils.

It is also about reuse, sustainable use of things, and it is all collapsing in people’s minds and feelings right now. That’s how these trends come about – from everything that surrounds us. They refuse mass production, want to distinguish themselves, honour old and important items for the family, including furniture, with their story.

So, what’s the spa kitchen?

It was an interesting find. One kitchen designer had noted that the colors and materials he had used turned the kitchen into a zen-experienced spa. In the foreground, meditative materials help to create a peaceful place to cook and live – natural stones, bright shades that harmonize with one another, etc.

This idea is certainly supported by the use of round shapes, which are very trendy at the moment. Round kitchen islands, bar stools with rounded backs, round lampshades, arched windows, etc.

Pantry and/ or a prep kitchen

The pantry or storage room, which I have been talking about for years in my kitchen trends articles, has gotten a bit of a new look these days – in particular, it is now preferred to call this room a utility kitchen (prep. room). And the most exciting thing – a big trend is to hide utility kitchens behind so-called secret doors. You see that there is straight kitchen furniture, with tall cabinets at the ends, one of which is a refrigerator, but the other is… when you open the door, you enter a completely different room, which is located behind the kitchen. It is very popular abroad these days.

If you are planning a house now, I would definitely recommend that the architect make an extra room behind or next to the kitchen, which will then be used as a storage room as well as a prep kitchen. You can fit in the freezer as well as the microwave, lots of shelves for storing things and don’t forget the work surface where you can prepare and quickly close the door when guests come and the whole mess stays hidden. In America, the “second kitchen” is every homeowner’s dream.

More about details of the kitchen …

If we talk more about the kitchen, the most popular backsplash is still a large piece of imitation marble tile, whether it is quartz or ceramic.

Ceramics, when very strong material is preferred to be seen even as the most working surface.
And there’s a strong love for natural stone. However, it is no longer granite (so much so), rather looking towards more novel materials, such as quartzite, which is also natural.

A large number of kitchen designers note that one important keyword is – mixed metals – i.e. the mixing of different metal finishes. It no longer has to be the case that the kitchen faucet is chrome and therefore the cabinet knobs must also be chrome. You can absolutely freely put a golden mixer and copper cabinet knobs, in addition to an oven with a stainless finish. By mixing brass, bronze, stainless, nickel, etc., you get a visually rich and inviting look for the kitchen.

The use of wallpaper (especially photo wallpaper) as a kitchen splashback also provides a visually intense solution. Or, for example, in the case of monochrome kitchen furniture, paint the background with a bright shade. In the case of special solutions, the use of an antique mirror also caught the eye.

Smart Kitchen

Smart technology makes every kitchen special. If you have a touch-sensitive faucet or a knock-on refrigerator that shows you its contents through the door window, I can imagine how happy you will be to present them to your guests. Smart kitchen devices are still designed to make cooking more convenient and easier. It is also known that most smart devices are more energy efficient than their traditional counterparts.

2023 is offered – drawer-freezer year!
While in our kitchen furniture, we have used drawers rather than cupboards for years, now the manufacturers of appliances have gone along with it. The market has both drawer-freezers (and separate freezers), drawer-dishwashers, drawer-microwaves; the warming drawers were already in place.

Another school says, however, that it’s the super-large fridges that come in a way. Well, drawer-freezers can’t be considered big. One designer was asked how to design a kitchen where it is good to cook? And the answer is – always more storage space for things, including. refrigerator space for food products. Extra space to store food for the whole family, means less shopping and more time to spend with your family.

Smart technology is the way to make cooking, eating, shopping and living easier, more efficient and generally more enjoyable. They can also, among other things, improve your cooking skills, help monitor calorie intake and provide general comfort.

Of course, all these techniques are monitored via the smartphone, and most of them are also programmable by voice control.

The next step for smart appliance manufacturers is the use of AI, or artificial intelligence. There is already a tabletop small oven (June Oven) that has a built-in camera and uses AI to evaluate and recommend the best cooking method and time for food placed in the oven. Just to mention that this particular oven not only cooks, but is also a hot air fryer, dehydrator, slow-cooker, toaster, pizza oven and dough riser.

There are many other such multi-cookers – 1 pot, but does 10 different things. Or, for example, a kitchen scale that helps you lose weight, using the app, recommends recipes for the foods you are currently weighing. The smart coffee mug tells you what temperature the coffee is best at, and the saucer under the mug keeps your coffee at that temperature for as long as needed.

In America, a well-received helper in the kitchen is a small winter computer that can be attached to the kitchen wall and then, using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant service, tell the tablet by voice what recipe you need, etc. and the computer displays all the information you need.

A faucet that dispenses the exact amount of water and the exact temperature after receiving a voice command with the help of Alexa. You don’t have to touch the faucet with your dirty hands, just saying.

The smart dishwasher (Miele G7000) automatically doses the detergent according to the degree of soiling of the dishes, in addition, you can set the start of washing with the application app and even order the detergent yourself.

A wireless meat thermometer that you can use both inside and outside at the outdoor grill, and the best thing is that the thermometer comes with a bamboo box where you can store it when not in use, and this box is also a charger for the thermometer. However, if you connect the device to the app, you will know the cooking time of your meat for the perfect bite.

Outdoor kitchen

And that’s right, outdoor kitchens are also becoming very trendy. If the house and possibilities allow, such kitchens are made that are similar both inside and outside, and in between there are only large glass doors. During the summer period, the doors are opened and a similar design kitchen will continiue to outside.

In outdoor kitchens, in addition to the usual grill, the pizza oven has become another big fashion. Since nowadays it is preferred to host friends at home rather than in restaurants, outdoor kitchens have become very popular.

Adding here home gardening, growing vegetables and/ or herbs. Horticulture is and is becoming more and more of a trend among people. Because food prices are rising around the world.


If you now want to change something in your kitchen, but you don’t want to do a big renovation, not even pick up a paintbrush, see if you can replace your lamps.

It is precisely the lights that will become more extravagant in the new year. If previously 3 pendant lamps were very suitable above the kitchen island, then now it would be better if you could find some kind of awesome architectural lamp or even a chandelier. Because the more special the luminaire, the better. A design lamp with striking architecture can be the focus of the whole kitchen.

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