A smart double-story drawer system from America

New Product – Maxx Drawer

Double-storey drawer system

New Product – Maxx Drawer

This drawer system, launched in 2021, is very special. There is a huge amount of small things in the drawer and it is difficult to sort them systematically.

Drawer system – Maxx Drawer

The American company Rev-a-Shelf has launched an innovative drawer system with many uses – children’s school drawers, craft drawers, fisherman’s drawers, repairman’s drawers, kitchen drawers.

Although not directly shown in the pictures, the system can also be used successfully in the kitchen. Think yourself, how many small things you can find in the kitchen drawer in addition to the usual pan shovels, knives, etc.

This Rev-A-Shelf product comes with all accessories. St. screw only to the drawer panel and you’re done. Drawer rails as well as all these divisions are included. Yes, you read that right – all these little gaps and divisions can be made around, adjusted to suit you.

The top of the drawer can be easily raised and set aside. Watch the video here: Maxx Drawer video 1:06 long

As has been said, this is an American product. Anyone who is smart when ordering online will google and order it through Rev-a-Shelf resellers in America; who has friends there in a far country, let him send it to you.