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New Product – SpaceFlexx

Drawer divider

New Product – SpaceFlexx

Sometimes is so difficult to fit things in a kitchen drawer so that the whole space is used to the maximum. Different packages are of different sizes.

Drawer divider – SpaceFlexx

SpaceFlexx is a product of the German company Kesseböhmer, which is installed inside the drawer. There is no need to screw anything, just a frame and stretchy inserts made of soft material.

The dimensions of the product are 472 x 472 x 130mm. This means that it fits in a drawer that is 60 cm wide. Of course, it can also be placed in wider drawers, so there will stay some free space on the side.

The most important and nice thing is that this product can be bought also in our country, Estonia. The Mööblifurnituur furniture fittings shop resells Kesseböhmer’s products.

SpaceFlexx website

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