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New Product – The Galley workstation

The best thing in the kitchen.

New Product – The Galley workstation

Haven’t you noticed how there is strong activity around the sink? I constantly notice in my kitchen that the sink is too small and I and my husband can’t do it together cooking there.

Workstation – The Galley

The Galley is an American-made kitchen workstation. It’s so inspiring to see what’s been invented that in the kitchen to be comfortable and good to cook with your family.

The principle of the work center is layering – everything is based on a sink, and sieves, drainage grids, and, in turn, cutting boards and cup holders are laid on top of them.

You can assemble your entire work center yourself – by choosing the sink according to the width and then adding accessories to it. Link to their website and models.

There are several showrooms from where You can order your workstation. There are no online buying possibilities. You can ask from showrooms to where they this product shipping. Is it only in America or also in Europe?

Franke ja Blanco

One of the best analogous products I found in Estonia is the Franke sink work center. It includes, in addition to all those cutting boards and things, also knives, which is great. Blanco also offers some bowls and cutting boards with a sink.